About Me

Hi.  I’m Laurie and I am up for the challenge!  What challenge?  Well, just about anything.  I have learned through my life that there is always more that can and probably should be done.  I’m not just talking all work, but play as well.  I am looking for those people who work best under direct challenges – both tasks and adventures – and for a short duration of time.  Is that you?

ORGANIZATION:  One step in this new journey is to bring current projects to completion.  There are always more efficient ways to handle household tasks, prepare for emergencies, tackle paperwork, and bring a sense of order to our lives.

PREPARATION: Setting new goals and making plans for the future will create a sense of peace, comfort, and order.  There are always more ways to secure our future and prepare our loved ones.

EXPERIENCE: Let’s think and grow.  Sharing what we have encountered will show our loved ones that there is always more value and wisdom in lessons learned.

ADVENTURE:  Let’s take some time to play – fulfill some dreams, travel, find hidden treasures, and search for all that is fun and unique about this world.  There are always more roads to take and memories to make.

Are you with me?  If you would like to be a part of this journey – or you just feel compelled to make me feel more accomplished –  I ask that you please ‘LIKE’ my blog on Facebook.